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Mountain School Summer Camps


kids camp

Enjoy our mountain playground while learning new skills. Mountain bike, trail run, swim, hike, and climb with professional coaches. A box lunch is included each day.  All camps include lunch and go from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.  Multiple child discounts and pre-6/1 registration discounts are available.  Sign up early as camp numbers are limited.     *Women's Bike Clinic is open to all ages

 Ages 10-15       Contact Maggie Loring at 801-947-8222 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up

July 5-7

Intro to Backpacking Camp


July 10-12

Mountain School Summer Camp (min. 10 children required)


Kids hiking


A three-day camp focused on backpacking skills. Campers will learn how to plan and pack for an overnight adventure!

Kids running


Multi-day camps teaching new skills in a variety of activities. Mountain bike, trail run, swim, hike, and climb with professional coaches. Participating youth will be coached in specific sports in morning and afternoon sessions, and have access to Snowbird’s many other summer activities during a relaxing lunch break.

Activities & Descriptions:

  • Orientation: The first day will campers will be organized into small groups with counselors. Each group will participate in biking and running activities and drills to orient campers and ensure compatibility of groups. These activities are designed for fun and skill building so we prepare the campers and set them up for optimal success the rest of the week. 
  • Mountain Biking: Each group will participate in mountain bike skills building activities and trail riding; destination and trail use will depend on skill and desire of campers. Please note: Mountain bikes are available to rent for an additional fee.
  • Running Skills: Campers will participate in basic and trail running skills and drills designed to educate and assess skill level for hiking activities. These will be ‘game’ focused in nature and help campers get to know each other.
  • Swimming Skills: Swimming skill activities will include swim skill games and drills in the Cliff Lodge pool.
  • Rock Climbing: Campers will learn the basics of sport climbing on our local climbing venues. These are graduated in nature. Our coaches are experienced climbers and guides.
  • Hiking: Snowbird has miles ofterrain dotted with wildflowers, wildlife and history. Campers explore at thier level and learn about the unique nature of Little Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Other Activities: Learning to use a compass, geocaching, team-building initiatives and Snowbird's summer activities are among the activities campers may participate in.
  • Team Challenge: Friday will wrap with a combined competition that will offer campers the chance to demonstrate performance in a series of challenge=based activities. The competition will be individualized for each group. Parents are welcome to join us for the afternoon festivities if they desire.
  • Activities may vary due to weather and skill levels. Campers will be in groups of like ages; activities and coaching will be provided in smaller groups.

Please provide running/hiking/biking shoes (no open toed shoes please; campers with improper footwear will miss out on activities).