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Chinese Neurotrauma Association Meeting 2015

5th Annual Chinese Neurotrauma Association Satellite Meeting

In association with the 2015 National Neurotrauma Symposium


Biomarker, Neuroimaging, and Neuroplasticity

Scientific Program:   


7:45-8:45              Continental Breakfast


8:00-8:10              Welcome Remarks: Riyi Shi, Purdue University

8:10-10:10           Section 1: RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS

                               Chair: Timothy Q Duong, University of Texas


8:10-8:40              Kevin Wang, University of Florida

                               Systems Biomarkers for TBI

8:40-9:10              Zhifeng Kou, Wayne State University

                               Connectome of Traumatic Brain Injury

9:10-9:40              Ping Wu, University of Texas

                               Endogenous stem cell for trauma repair


9:40-10:10           Riyi Shi, Purdue University

                               Acrolein as a diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target in CNS trauma


10:10-10:25         Coffee / Tea Break


10:25-11:10        Section 2: SHORT PRESENTATIONS

                              Chair: Zhifeng Kou, Wayne State University


10:25-10:40        Lora Watts, University of Texas

                              MRI, histological and behavioral evaluation of neuroprotective efficacy of methylene blue in TBI


10:40-10:55        Zhihui Yang, University of Florida

                              Spinal cord injury biomarker discovery


10:55-11:10        Nick Race, Purdue University

                              Mild blast-induced traumatic brain injury: biomechanics, biochemistry, and behavior


11:10-11:30        Section 3: Panel Discussion and Election of Future Officers

                              Moderator: Jinhui Chen, Indiana University



ersity of Texas